Monday, October 13, 2008

Vicious and Faust 24 part A

So this is only half of the comic. I've had the full page scanned on my computer for nearly 2 years. I decided to colour it a few weeks ago. So far so good.


vanserious said...

Cool colours here Tim.
Especially like the warm colours and the swirly bits in the last panel.

Timothy Merks said...

thanks but im not sure if it is showing up how i intended. My cintiz and my monitor are giving me two different colours. It looks a bit oo bright and green to what it was on my cintiq monitor.

PC's will never do exact colour. I want to check it on a few more computers and see which is closer to the average.

If you like that one click on the vicious and faust link in the comics section. There's a few more nicely coloured comics from the same batch. Also if you click the comic link in labels I have a few breakdowns from pencil to the finished image.

I like doing a lot of layering and treating it as though I would be doing post compositing on a animated film.

Timothy Merks said...

dang I cant edit all those spelling mistakes. Hope that makes some sense

vanserious said...

Yeh, part of the reason I haven't changed to an LCD monitor is the problem with colour depth.

Not much you can do to help colour issues beyond calibrate as best you can, it'll all change again when you print it anyway!

vanserious said...

Yeh, colour calibration sucks, mainly because whatever you do it will always look cruddy a different monitor somewhere.

Because of rancid TV settings I'm sure some viewers will wonder why Pixel Pinkie has that name.