Monday, December 21, 2009

Hilltop hoods videoclip

Here's a videoclip I did a few shots for. It was a pretty rushed clip as they were originally planning to animate in photoshop but in the last week (I think) they switched to flash and had to call nearly every flash animator in Australia. Heap of my ex-ettamogah buddies worked on it

My shots were the robot throwing the jacket into the woodchipper and the jetpack sequence. It was a tough job since all we were given was a 3/4 drawing of the characters and next to no time to do it. We did have a little bit of freedom to do the scene how we wanted since there was no animatic. We couldnt really work on beats since we didnt have the audio but I dont think that was how they were making it anyway.

All in all it turned out ok and was a bit of fun

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