Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holiday sketches

Ahhhhhh sweet holidays nothing much to do other than just sit around drawing.

Here's a sketch I did today. It was a bit of fun even though the pens I had kept running out. It started at that guy looking over his shoulder which I feel is a bit stilted but I started loosening up and the drawings came a little easier. Godzillas in the background in love with a new city to smash. I'm sure he gets pretty excited everytime he comes to the surface and goes, "OMG they rebuilt tokyo again woooooo!!!!!"

Speaking of Godzilla, I came up with this idea on my break that I might make into a little internet series or something, not sure yet.

Roseline is a big fan of "So you think you can Dance" and she likes to watch it when we have dinner that or 'Survivor' or 'Mad Men' (mabye those series will come into it aswell to make Rose really like it). So I ended up watching it and found myself really enjoying it.

My pitch is "Monsters from all around the globe compete to become the number 1 dancer". It is pretty much like the show with all the monsters entering with their own dance style (examples Gamera: hiphop, Godzilla: Contemporary, Mothra: Ballet) and are coregraphed and their performances judged. Apart from this idea making me laugh, it would be a fun way to studying different dance movements and transfering that into quite awkard characters. Anyway it will have major problems with various copyrights (maybe ok if its just a free parody) and that it will require a lot of work, still it may be my next project on the horizion.

Finally there's this picture that I want to do more with. I want to try and make a few of these 'Mr Gough' pictures as he is a really fun character and I really love his world.

Well that is it for today. I hope to do a few more pictures this week since I have the time and I'd like to put more effort into my blog next year. HEAPS AND HEAPS OF STUFF, more cartoons, more comics and more illustrations.


Bewildebeast said...

That Mr Gough picture is awesome. Why do I see it in technicolour?

Timothy Merks said...

ha yeah I'm going to get around to colouring it. It does have you're styles influence in it

Regan Gallagher said...

I love Mr. Gough