Thursday, February 18, 2010

Trippin down memory lane before the silverfish eat it all

So I've moved back to Perth from Melbourne and have been setting up my workspace. I had a heap of boxes and papers stored here and since I had the time I thought to sort them all out. I found some interesting things while cleaning and I thought I'd post some.

Over on the Porcelain Existence blog I've put up some of my early "feel" tests. Where I just draw using whatever is in hands reach to try and get a feeling for the character. All these pictures look awesome when you invert them but I kinda like the rawness without all the computer wizardry that I used in the film.

I also found this article that was written after Dean Swantons and my first true indie film, "Opening doors" had screened in the Grassroots Film festival (2002 I think). Which you can watch here

We did win an award at the festival, we won the script award. Man that picture is pretty funny. We look like little kids haha. Like I said this was the first film we made off our own backs and not for any course or recieving any funding. The feedback we got from the audience was so positive and I'm sure it went a long way in giving us confidence to pursue a career in animation.

Some other treasures I found were some drawings by one of my oldest friends Robert Lee. We knew each other since we were kids and this guy has always drawn good. Seriously he should be producing a graphic novel each year and making cartoons all the time.

These are some concept art sketches he did for some of my film ideas

This one was for Barton. (There were some other drawings he did that I'd love to find). The rest are from an unmade idea of mine. I put one of my sketches of the same character at the bottom. We used to sit around for ages just drawing and complaining that we cant draw as good as each other (I still think you're better Rob haha)

And here's a drawing Rob did when we were working (as production assistants) on the Animation Works series "Quads" (you can see the storyboard through the paper)

Man I love looking at that stuff. Now these 2 pics I have no idea who drew them, I was thinking maybe it was my brother but I dont know, all I know is they made me laugh out loud so they have to go up here.

Ok I'm working on something new at the moment and I hope to be putting some images up for that soon. Here's an old sketch for a story I wrote ages ago that I sort of still like. It could be a new project but I'm not sure if I'll commit to it yet.

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