Thursday, June 03, 2010

Life Drawing

Ok I'm (unlike most of my friends) not the hugest fan of life drawing, but it's kinda like exercise. It may be a chore to do but you get stronger from it. Anyway I've been given some opportunities to practice through a monthly event organised through WANIMATE and also via my coworkers on Dogstar occasionally getting a model to come into the studio.

Well enough writing, here is my...uh I dunno whatever these scribbles are..."art"

This was an old charcoal sketch I found in my sketchbook. I'm pretty sure this was done on Dogstar series 1.

I'm not sure maybe I was just tired or bored but I started having fun and adding the model into a scene. I really enjoyed this and I'm going to do more of this at the next class.

Well I'm going to try and post something new on this blog each week. There's some stuff around that I've been wanting to share but it's just been a bit hectic with moving back from Melbourne and working like crazy on Dogstar. Series 2 is looking fantastic by the way, I cant wait till people see it.

Oh 'Porcelain' will be screening at the Revelation film festival this year as part of ScreenWest's "Get your shorts on", I'll post more details when I know more. This will be Porcelain's first non web screening, so I'm actually a little excited. 'Porcelain' will also have some clips in the ScreenWest promo reel for 2010.

There are also some new (old) production sketches on the 'Porcelain' blog that I found in these sketchbooks that you can view here

There's a new WAMBAM 48hour animation comp coming up that I'm looking forward to. I was in the first one and won all the prizes for the film Waffle. It's also being run by WANIMATE.

I'm glad to be back in Perth after the adventures of working in Hobart and Melbourne. Perth at the moment has, I dunno... a good creative vibe. I feel inspired. So hopefully that will mean more content for this blog

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