Sunday, June 13, 2010


So this is another in development short film. This one's part of 3 films I'm planning to do, this is the only one with some production art behind it though. Basically the set of films are going to be about history, or stories about history.

A couple things I'm going to play with in regards to this short is maximum design minimal animation. The colouring style showed here is kinda what I'm going for. It will also be the first film of mine designed in a puppet style. It will also be my first film totally done in Toon Boom Animate Pro.

There's a few other things I'll be learning and trying but best I let this project develop a little more.

Oh yeah, there's going to be lots of dinosaurs so I'm having to learn how to draw reptiles. Kinda fun. I might take a trip to the zoo and do some sketches

In case you're wondering how many more things are still in development. Well there's a short film siting 85% finished on my computer (a collab with Roseline), the Dash Dashing stuff (there's almost a new pic drawn everyday for that series), a few bits and pieces for Porcelain that need to be added to the website and a trip out sequence I need to animate for my friend Eddies film.

So this year there better be at least 2 new films out of me. Hold me to it.


Clayton McIntosh said...

I will tim.... I will

Timothy Merks said...

...I have regrets

optimisticpainter said...

Loving the dinosaurs Tim!

I like your Space Girl's really red knees as well for some reason.

Timothy Merks said...

Cheers. Yeah I dont know where I picked that up from, but I really like that use of blush on the knees, elbows and cheeks. It is stolen from somewhere though.