Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Life drawings

Here's a few more of my results from the life drawing classes I've been doing. We had a pretty good model but man I was struggling to draw. I just couldn't do anything right. I can tell when this happens as the face on the drawing gets darker and darker as I scribble more and more into it. These are a few of the salvageable pics

Now here's that idea I was playing with on the last set of life drawings of putting a character on the model. So for this model I chose Roseline's Rush Loveable. I have 5 more pics done that I'm going to clean up like this.

I'll post the pics in this post once I finish them. I only spent 30minutes doing that above one so maybe I'll do a new one every day.

26/June/2010 update

not too happy with this one. Hopefully the next ones turn out better

30/June/2010 update

I'm a little bit happier with this pic. the colours looked great on my cintiq but then they kinda lost their charm on my monitor

Update 3/7/07

I did this one a little quicker since I had to go out. I liked the hair on this one. My original sketch she looked like an old women. It's still got a bit of that. Well one more drawing to go. I'll also post up the original sketches so you can see what thy looked like

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