Thursday, August 12, 2010

bed hair

I woke up the other day with mad scientist bed hair. I took a photo of myself to send to Roseline but it was all blurry. So I thought I'd do another painting experiment.

I don't feel I captured the expression that well but this is my first go at doing a digital portrait and for my first go I'm pretty happy with it. Nice and crazy.

Roseline and I had a 'discussion' about what I wrote in my last post and I thought I should expand on that. If you're working on a style based show then you got to keep within the design guidelines, I think when you start out you should test the fences a bit and push the design but once you're in the thick of production you shouldn't make it hard on the people above you. It will be a waste of everyone's time if you have to redo stuff. It can be hard and not that clear to work out what those boundaries are. I usually try to work out where the show is drawing inspiration from and have some of those artbooks around as a guide but even that isn't always a great idea. At the end of the day you're part of the team and you don't want to be a stubborn jerk, as that wont inspire anything great and will just cause friction.  Best to be positive and always put in that little bit extra effort.

Ok enough of that stuff. I'm trying to get my motivation up to start something a little bigger. I still need to produce one more film by the end of the year.

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