Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dash and Mantis WIP

Just been working pretty hard so I haven't really got up to much. I decided to go back to these guys and get this "Dash Dashing" ball rolling again.

Just a sketch so far but I'll start adding to it throughout the week. I've been looking in to adding more 3dness to my drawings, trying to add a bit more volume and shape. I want to make the characters feel like they're solid and have real weight. Hmmm this sketch was based off a loose drawing I did in my notepad at work. The notepad sketch has a bit more character... I might have to rework this drawing a bit more and loosen it up a bit.

Well an old co-collaborator friend of mine, Mr Dean 'Mendoza' Swanton, has finally just started a blog. He even threw up some great Dash Dashing pics he did. You can check his blog right here

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