Sunday, January 30, 2011

IF: Dust


Here's the finished picture. I'm still having problems matching my cintiq to my other monitor (or the cintiq to everyone elses monitor) so this picture might seem a little lighter than intended.

Sometimes when I'm colouring I like to select a layer of colour and move the hue and saturation and try a different approach rather than my first choice from my colour pallet. The big robot was quite orange to begin with.

Those cords in his arm is stuff I really like doing and I love those colours. I'm a big fan of the animated film Akira and I really love the colour pallet they used. Rich purples, greens, reds, really bold and pulpy. Akira  also gave me the love for drawing cities. My perfect job would be drawing cities all day (I may have said this all ready but I'm fishing for a job to draw cities). Oh that texture over the city worked super well! That was a mistake too haha!

I did mean to blend that photo sky a bit more but those clouds look fake like cotton balls and I thought that looked fun so I left it alone.

BAM! Illustration complete!

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I've have to pull out of getting this done by today. It is wayyy too hot and a warm cintiq is not effin helping.

There's more colours done than this but I figured I'll just have the urn coloured in. The urn contains the last human remains.

I'll finish this picture when I stop sweating


cleggy said...

Wow! Great stuff Tim love it! Can't wait to see it coloured.

Hung Lin said...


Timothy Merks said...

ha! You know I did think how the characters would work. Like the big robots mouth is a series of joints that connects the bottom and top mouth.

Oh and Christien did you spot the space monkey robots? I love those guys