Tuesday, February 08, 2011

IF: Surrendered

Well I surrendered to do this on time and I surrendered on colouring this picture a few times but eventually I got it done and here it is.

Here's the pencil work as well

A big reason I was late getting this done was I've been playing with this add-on for twitter Twiflip. Where you can make flipbook animations. It's quite fun as there is a limited amount of lines you can draw.

These are my animations (I've only made 2)

My friend Ben Grimshaw made a VERY nice water splash (here)

Oh and check out this guys work (here)

Mannnnn that guy is good.

Oh in other news (for those who dont read my twitter) I've started learning oil painting. My grandfather was pretty good with oils (I'll try and find a picture he did). I've never really spent much time with paints but it is something I've always been talking about wanting to learn. Rose wants me to learn REAL painting so I can stop with all this digital crap! Haha I dont get good feedback from her about these pictures.

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Rabbit Town Animator said...

I love it Tim! That said, cant wait to see your traditional painted works too ;)