Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Some old animation from the year 2000

I was looking for some other embarrassing old work by me and I came across a folder titled "stupidassanimation" and that title is apt. Stupidity, violence and cheese.

This is my first go at embedding swf files into my blog. I think I'm succeeding. Sorry that this page wont work on your iPad... I doubt it will work in facebook either. This is good because it means less people will see my crap from 10 years ago. haha

(*updated* I switched the hosting to google sites, hopefully less white boxes)

(push the button)

(you need to right click these files and select play)

(despite it saying loading it may already be loaded, just right click and select play)

Here's one based on Doug TenNapel's "The Neverhood". He's drawing a pretty cool web comic at the moment you can read that here

and this is the most cringe worthy for me. It's sooo cheesy. This was a test for a world I was creating. I think I have a feature film for this world stored in one of my drawers. The whole world was inspired by Ted Mckeever, although my drawings are way too conservative. I really love Mckeevers work, I wish I had that brain to come up with the stuff he does. Ok enough delaying....

Well this is my punishment for not drawing anything new. haha


Rabbit Town Animator said...

hahahahahahaha! Well I enjoyed that! I like the Rabbit especially :D Do you ever sleep? Even back then, it seems that you didn't. Love it Tim!

Clayton McIntosh said...

Lol... I love these things. I particularly like the neverhood one. That was such an awesome game! These unfinished animations help to define your skills... you gotta to break the rules before you learn them. Maybe I'll find something to upload

Timothy Merks said...

oh dam people watched them...