Sunday, January 09, 2011


Had myself an easy Sunday. I watched some silly movie about some guy in a jail cell who had a tunnel or something that he was able to get in and out of the jail to do things like blow up all the lawyers cars... that might have been the twist, I dunno. Anyway I drew this while I was watching it and I just finished colouring it in photoshop

I tried colouring it just using greys then adding colours to the greys but it made it look all washed out so I spent ages messing with adjustment layers and all kinds of things. Doing this brought back memories of my film 'Existence'(click the link to watch) Maybe this guy is a Dark Mountain.

Here's the original sketch

Oh and here's the sketches for the last few pictures I've put up.

Man that movie I watched was dumb. Turns out jail dude worked for the government as a tactician that's why he was so "smart". The end moral was also a bit questionable. The main lawyer dude realises he is no good at his job even though he has all the evidence at the end to put this guy away, he chooses to put the bomb the jail dude made under the jail dudes bed. Jail dude blows himself up and lawyer dude walks away from the explosion in slow motion. Then lawyer dude finally makes time for his daughter and sees her recital, because lawyer dude was a jerk to his family.

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