Friday, February 25, 2011

Astroboy Week

I declare this week Astroboy week!

I will endeavour to add a new drawing of my childhood hero Astroboy to my blog every day this week.

Friday 25th February 2011

Well Astroboy week comes to a close. It's been a great inspiring week for drawing but also a sad week as an animal friend of Roseline and me 'Little B' flew away. So This last picture is dedicated to him. The funniest animal I have ever met.

Roseline has been doing a whole heap of blog posts that include videos and pictures that you must see. you can find them here: Little B "the funny Honeyeater"

A special big thanks to everyone who has drawn an Astroboy this week. It has been super inspiring and I love seeing everyones different take on Astroboy.

Woah! A couple of last minutes pictures turned up.

Astro - Bailey 2 by Richard Bailey

Astro - Patsarun by Air Patsarun

Astro - Grant by Steve Grant

I got this one a little late but I can't pass up having another butt gun illustration. haha

I've made a little thankyou animation for everyone that contributed to week

Well now I must go back to learning 3d and looking for work >:( (wish every week was Astroboy week hmmf!)

Thursday 24nd February 2011

and of course the best thing about this week, more Astroboy pictures by my friends

Astro - Anderson by Jamie Anderson

Astro - Buckley by Andrew Buckley

One more day left for Astroboy week, so the last day to send pictures to me. Thanks everyone who has sent pictures. You guys are the best!

Wednesday 23nd February 2011

Well Astroboy week is going great as there's even more pictures done by my friends

Astro - McKebery by Marcus Mckebery

Astro - Bailey by Richard Bailey

Astro - Burton 2: The Return Of Aaron Burton

Astro - Grimshaw by Ben Grimshaw

Lots of Astroboy love!

Tuesday 22nd February 2011

There's also some extra Astroboys for today thanks to my friends

Astro - Burton by Aaron Burton

"I'm too scared to draw his face... I can't draw anime! Will run for the hills before I draw his face off model!!!"

Astro - Clegg by Christien Clegg

haha I'm sure Astro had days like this

Astro - Davies by Aaron Davies

"It's my rendition of that inevitable moment in each episode when Astro would state "I'm running
out of energy." The personification of every battery operated childrens toy"

Astro - Stevens by Richard Stevens

(You're not getting the full effect of this image. Click the pic or Richards name and see Astro fly)

Astro boy week is going pretty great!

Monday 21st February 2011


cleggy said...

Great stuff Tim!

Rabbit Town Animator said...

Loving it Tim! Great Animation too. Brilliant idea!

toonerfish said...

Nice Astroboy animation, Tim!

Timothy Merks said...

thanks guys! The animation was pretty easy. I was going to do a big wave pose as the last astroboy picture but I thought it was weak so I decided to animate it.