Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Archangel speed(kinda) painting

While I was waiting for some large files to move from my hard drive to my portable I did this picture in Photoshop of my favourite comic character as a kid Archangel!

This was one of the first comics I got, X- Factor issue 44. I think it was in a showbag

Archangel just looked so dam cool, those razor wings and that funky costume. The whole issue was amazing as well. The opening page is Cyclops about to be crushed by a giant robotic foot! The princess also bribes a guard with a whole heap of drugs so she can steal a baby. Seriously for the first X-whatever comic to read this one was a winner. I was done for after that.

I've been taking oil painting classes recently with Roseline and it has been quite interesting. I've been trying to apply certain photoshop painting techniques that I learnt to real painting (although ctrl z doesnt work). I really like using oils with how the colours mix and blend to the texture of the paint. I'm still very much the amateur but it's a great class and everyone is really nice and supportive.

If you haven't seen my blog in a while you'll notice that I've given it something of a makeover. It's a lot more brown and earthy... I dont know why. It is just what I felt like I guess. You'll also see there are tabs up there now with links to a page with my showreel and a page with a few of my storyboards. I'll update that a bit more when I have time, for now though there's a board for Porcelain and an animatic for Existence.

I've been using Twitter a lot and I post a heap of scribble doodles on there. You can see what I've drawn over on the left in the twitpic widget or just click on this link You can see the wip of my oil painting plus the crazy pictures I draw for Roseline aka @scratchrabbit

I know there's a reluctance to have a twitter account but once you get one and you start finding all the artists you like tweets (as they are called in the twitter business) of what projects they are working on, the little scribbles they do on napkins, links to cool videos and all other kinds of cool things it's super inspiring.

Also everything links in together quite seamlessly (blogs, youtube, facebook etc). So it's not about using all these different programs but using the right program for the right job and having them all linked in together.

So yeah get a twitter account


cleggy said...

Great post Tim. I think your right about people having misconceptions about Twitter. I think it has some pretty cool uses other than the more narcissistic ones that it has a reputation for. I saw this on Colbert recently which is a pretty cool.

Your blog looks great by the way, how did you get those tabs?

Timothy Merks said...

In the layout you can add the tabs. Seriously you should get a twitter and follow some of the adventure time/regular show guys. Those guys are great.

Oh yeah i saw that guy. His stories were fantastic

Cheers dude