Sunday, June 19, 2011

Old Dogstar storyboard test

I just found these. They were on an old msn blog that I had. On the first series of Dogstar(2005) I was offered an opportunity to try out to do boards and this was my submission. I was given a portion of the script, one background design, character designs and some blank storyboard paper.

I remember being so sick when I was doing this. My eyes were all puffy and I could barely see but there's a lot I like.

I think that last frame is the only one I might do differently (due to how everyone runs off and understanding the dogstar way of animating it would have been hard to do it that way).

I saw the real finished scene and my interpretation of what was written was completely different. It was a fun experience but it was probably best that I didn't get the job and worked as an animator as at that stage I still had so much to learn.

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