Thursday, July 07, 2011

Zoo day 5

Roseline and I went to the zoo to do some drawings. So it is time for a much needed blog update

There were 9 spotted dog puppies running around today. Terribly cute and hard to work out how to draw. Most of my drawings look like rats haha

These Rhino's were a bit annoyed and were running around. I was struggling trying to work out how to draw them and capture the angry face and then they just dropped to the ground and went to sleep with their ass pointed at me... You win this round Rhino's!

Rose loves this little bird on the right. He's terribly cute and gets excited when people come and see him. Not many people go into the bird section since it's either being reworked or neglected. There's only 3 pretty awesome Macaws and a few other birds there so it looks a bit lonely for the little guy.

I decided to draw in the background for these two scribbles. The top one is a cheetah in the grass chewing on a steak. An amazing creature! The bottom one is another Macaw who comes right up to you. The colours are so bright and happy (that doesn't translate well using a felt tip pen)

Well sorry that this blog has been a bit neglected as I've been busy working and doing a webcomic over at

The comic is mostly about the videogames I play but I change it up a bit every now and then.

I also have a lot of art on my newish facebook page. If you click the like button it should keep you up to date with my comics and any new stuff that I do.

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