Sunday, December 11, 2011


So this is how I'm feeling at the moment

hahaha mannnnn I've had a crazy hard week that is now going into the weekend. I'm still working on this videoclip which is taking longer than I would like.

(a quick colour test)

oh and this happend

My kitchen ceiling just gave way. My brother (that dude in the photo) and I were trying pretty hard to save it but it was a lost cause. I did manage to do a last minute dash to save a bowl of fruit but all my cereal (that everyone keeps telling me to put away) is pretty much written off. There's a thick layer of dust all through the house but we did manage to move all the ceiling pieces outside. We'll have to get someone in to fix it next week. Of course it being so close to christmas we shouldn't have a problem surely???


I did do some scribbly ipad paintings this week. They're ok, nothing that special but it was a nice waste of time to get my mind off things for a while

Speaking of some good time wasting I've been catching up on some comics. I really enjoyed the Marvel 'Fear Itself" crossover. A surprisingly great story that focused more on the characters and how they reacted  to the disaster(s)  than actually being about fighting the disaster. Some of the issues were even just the heads of the characters just talking about what happend, which I thought was pretty ballsy. I think one of the architects of this crossover was the guy behind Secret Wars and that is possibly my most favourite crossover (Doom rules ballz in that). Oh and the art in the 'Fear itself' series was really high across all the issues. I don't think there was an issue I didn't care for art wise. The few issues Chris Bachalo did were my highlights

I have been trying to read these new DC 52 comics but mannn they are not as fun. Some of the issues are ok in a pulpy comic sort of way but I don't know some of the writing is a bit iffy. The Green Arrow comic tries to stay relevant by adding in mentions to youtube and other pop culture sort of things but they do it in an awfully ham fisted way like they really don't get it. What was great about a couple of the Marvel comics was how they used twitter tweets in the story. It gave a feel of the public mood and it fit quite nicely into the comic narration box style format. I did find it funny instead of running for their lives they were tweeting what was going on although that's probably how it would play out. There were some things I liked in this new DC 52 like Greg Capallo's art on Batman. I used to love his work on Spawn when I was a kid. This work on Batman seems a lot cleaner/clearer and more focused. I also love the work on the controversial Catwomen comics. The dude drawing that draws great expressions it reminds me of Neal Adams stuff.

Ha that's enough comic nerding for now. I think it's time to call it a night and check what those crazy SAMCRO dudes are up to in Sons of Anarchy. Last time I saw them it wasn't looking good.

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Rabbit Town Animator said...

oh Dude! Hope the ceiling gets fized Asap. Also liking your drawings :) Hope you and Rosey and the family have an awesome Christmas and New Year!