Sunday, December 04, 2011

Loop de loop: Condoms

I've been getting around to doing a quick post on my latest loopdeloop entry that I surprisingly won a shared runner up on. This loopdeloop theme was Condoms to coincide with world aids day.

You should definitely check out the winning entry by Daniel and Marta's one who also was a runner up. Oh and Dean's one of messed up madness haha

This be my film though

Here's my animation frames

I actually was using my cintiq as a light table for this one. I created a new folder and opened it up and expanded it so my screen was white. I have a couple light tables but they've got a bunch of stuff on them and I was feeling pretty lazy that day haha.

I can't say I was completely happy with how this one turned out as it wasn't exactly how it was in my head, which was a lowfi, interpretive dance, theatre play sort of like the one in The Big Lebowski. After the curtain closes there was going to be a shot of the actor up close super detailed smoking a cigarette. The stage hand comes up and asks the actor “are you ready to go again?” he replies “si”

Mannn that after effects created spotlight was terrible haha! It was done really late at night and I forgot to mask the stage lights so they're in shadows. Oh and that curtain opens with like 1 inbetween and I reused it for the close despite that they should be the complete opposite in how they move haha. I was so not into animating it at this point. There was also meant to be some large sperms on sticks that were meant to move up and down in the background when he was running and it would have made it clearer as to what was going on (I know a few people didn't get it)

Although when I put the music (made in garage band for the ipad) and sound effects together in it made me smile. I heard it go a big laugh so it's all good in the end.

I pretty much just allowed myself one day to get it done since I'm at the business end of trying to finish off this videoclip. Hopefully my next post will be about the clip

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