Monday, March 26, 2012

Liquid loop

Here's my loop submission for this months loopdeloop

I've been reading a bunch of X-men comics lately and I'm pretty sure you can tell by looking at this haha

It wasn't my initial idea for this theme. I just woke up one morning and just started pressing random buttons on Garageband ipad and came up with this goofy song loop. I then animated loosely based on/inspired by the music straight ahead in toonboom animate.

It turned out to be a fun experiment animating 2d effects. When I was animating the effects I tried to feel the effect more than to plan it out. I tried to force myself to draw big confident strokes and solid shapes and not over work the drawing.

The line I used for this was a square brush with pressure. I really love the feel of that line! It feels like paints or ink and it's great to work really bold and messy.

The character design I wanted to keep really pulpy with flat colours and black. I worked in shapes and details that would help define limbs as I knew there was going to be that rotation but also so you can see what's going on when she gets really small in the background.

You can head over here and give it some star ratings today and tomorrow... 350 star ratings so I can win hahaha

You definitely should head to the website though and check out the loops this month there's been over 50 submissions and lots and lots of really great ones.

I really would have loved to go to the screening for this one. Curse my no where near Melbourneness!!!

Oh I should also say I finished another film for a competition on Saturday. I can't wait to show that one it's pretty fun!

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