Monday, March 12, 2012

New background work

I've been doing a bunch of backgrounds in photoshop lately here's some from an unreleased film that was finished last week.

This is a working progress for a short animation (keeping this secret just in case I don't finish it)

That floor texture I made for my film Porcelain that I'm constantly adjusting and recolouring to reuse every time there's a wooden floor. I also have some glass textures I made for windows from Porcelain that I also reuse heavily.

This WIP background is for an animation pitch I'm working on set in my hometown forests

I'll try to update this background every day until I finish it. I thought it was good to show at this stage as you can see my layout lines and layer breakdowns (different colours represent different layers). This was something of a style experiment I might simplify everything once I do a detailed study. The layout is pretty boring but when I put the two characters in and fire up the depth of field effects it should look ok.

Oh here's an old background I did for Roseline's loop de loop that has been sitting in my draft posts for forever.

UPDATE 13th of March

So I sketched out the main midground section which the characters interact with

after doing the sketch it was like "...ok now how the heck am I supposed to colour that???"

This is what I have done so far and I'll continue it tomorrow. I guess it will have a slight water colour feel to it. I'm not sure. Today I like it and think it will work

UPDATE 14th of March

Ok this is pretty much done and I'm not completely happy with it but for a first style test it will do

There's things about the colouring I really like. Such as the little red and yellow scattered leaves I think offset the pallet just enough so it isn't boring. The balancing of detail and space are ok but not really that imaginative. I think the default way I draw is looking slightly down so for my next tests I really should play with my camera angles a bit. I also want to push things and also simplify and simplify! This was a test where I'm just getting a feel for the environment but now its time to look at it with my producers hat on and see how to approach this better.

I might do an update tomorrow where I'll add in the characters

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