Friday, May 02, 2008

Waffle Winnings

I won some coloured pencils from that 'Waffle' film. I haven't used coloured pencils for ages and forgot how much fun they are. I might do a few more drawings before going to bed.

A crappy 'Special agent Dale Cooper' and my Robot character. Might get something to eat and try another picture.

Here's my final picture of 'Mr Gough' riding a whale. Part of my 'Great Whale Race' experiment.

It was heaps of fun using the coloured pencils. My good friend Regan Gallagher is a genius with this medium. I might have to spend some time looking over his shoulder to learn his techniques.

Sorry for the lack of new posts lately but both Rose and I have had our heads down this week working on 'Porcelain'. For the last 3-4 weeks we've been working on the same sequence! That's the wonderful world of animation :P


Tim D. Cannan said...

Ha ha. i love the picture of Ultimate Fighting Champ. especially the teeth.

Benji said...

yeah. really good mate.

Timothy Merks said...

thanks yo!