Thursday, October 02, 2008

From Japan to me!

Well I'm posting a little earlier than Sunday because I have to show off some of the cool purchases I made via the wonders of the Internet and a credit card.

I always feared getting a credit card would lead to this. Well at least I kept it mostly work related.

3 of the books I bought were of the Groundwork series. These I fully recommend these to all animators out there as it contains a lot of the key animation drawings with all the timings penciled in on the side. Excellent for reference! Check the bottom part of that image of the large crowd drawing. There are 4 or 5 pages of that!! MADNESS

I mostly bought these books so I can see how an animator would approach doing effects such as explosions. There is also a lot of other really interesting drawings such as some keys of a water's surface (an ocean I think) that is pretty amazing.

The Ground work books I bought were "FLCL" and the 2 books from the Neon Genesis movies. I already bought a ground work book from the "gun buster 2" series and that's what got me hooked on the groundwork books.

The other thing I bought was a Gurren Lagann figurine. I'm kinda regretting this. Not so much because it was bought as an impulse buy, but more because of the flames it creates wherever it goes.
No warning sticker on the box or nothing.
Well that's what I got sent from Japan (such a magical place). It made me pretty happy I must say. Well I did promise that I would post something new next Sunday so I guess I better. I also realise that will be my 100th post.
Well I guess that means I better put something good up. Hmm 3 days to create something new...
stay tuned

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