Sunday, October 05, 2008

post 100 WOO

So I had these plans to update on Sunday with something amazing and new. Except I really felt like relaxing this weekend.

On Saturday Roseline and I decided to go for a walk to Sandy bay to get some sweet breakfast. We chose an indirect path from our place cutting through every alleyway we could find.

Tasmania is a great fun place to go exploring. We came across some interesting parks, funny old houses, lots of different cats and we even spotted someone doing a nice piece of street art under a bridge.

After our long walk we ended up in a Dome cafe where I bought myself a big breakfast (negating any form of exercise that I had just done).

Both Roseline and I are big fans of a cooked breakfast. I'm now making myself hungry thinking about it. mmmmm eggs and hash browns

Well when we left Dome we headed for Salamanca to do a little bit of shopping at the markets. We took a little detour because Roseline had spotted some ducklings the week before and forgot to take along our camera. So we went to see if they were still there to get a photo.

Here they are. Terribly cute aren't they?

If the photo was a bit wider you would see all the coke bottles and other parts of rubbish that they swim in. You would think they'd clean up after themselves.

Well there is something a little under half done that I had been working on. I hope to finish that soon. I did finish one piece of creativity this week. I think I did this on Monday

I really like that picture. It all started with me messing up some eyes colouring them in and turning it into a skull. The rest of the image formed around it. Free drawing at its best.

Well that's all


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kspot said...

Awwh - those ducklings are very cute!

kspot said...

Awwh - those ducklings are cute!